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"Just finished your brilliant book for the second time. You are a brilliant writer and I would be proud to star in anything you write. My God you're good."

Gordon Fenton, (one of the original mad men), May 2016 

"My Name Is Charlie And I Don’t Think Right" puts us in the front seat of the roller coaster of addiction. Near death experiences, the heart felt losses and ultimately the 12 steps to sobriety. Thank you Dominick for introducing the world to Charlie.  His journey is hope.  All good wishes to you, to Charlie and strength to those who choose the journey."

Dr Terry Max, DDS, May 2016

"Having just lost my brother aged 43 to alcohol addiction when he chose to end his personal powerlessness with the only power he had left, this makes tremendous, deeply disturbing and accurate sense to me, and would have done to him. Thanks for what you are doing. Keep up the good work. I hope so much this book gets published."

Nicky Underwood (Horton), May 2016

"I hope it comes off for you. I read the blog daily and was disappointed I couldn't buy the book."

Kell Lunam-Cowan, JWT, April 2016

"You always were respectful of what others thought! Good balance of character...not psychopathic serial killer but a bit 'Heisenberg' 😉"

Nicole Kirkland, mcgarrybowen, May 2016

"My Dad read this and said it is FANTASTIC.  A 100% homerun.  Better than bacon and I love bacon." 

Wilson Schneider, April 2016

"This is an amazing book. Insightful, honest and most of all, a riveting account of what it means to be human and face the biggest challenge in life...oneself."

Max Gottlieb, Production Designer, April 2016

"Amazing words from the incredibly talented Dominick Lynch-Robinson. Read the first three chapters on this site and you'll want it published as much as me!"

Mandy Gould, mandyandlaura.comApril 2016

"I just finished the book. Liked it!  I don't know how someone survives that but very cathartic read."

Megan Howard, Marketing Consultant, March 2016