Here's to friendship!

I think we will all agree it's been a terrible week all round. We must all find our peace where we can however as none of us can see into the minds of people who do unmentionable things to others.  All we can do is to try and love each other to the best of our ability and carry on.

And so to friendship…this week we were visited by Fifi and her travelling companion, Tom.  She and I worked together at J Walter Thompson.  She was always delightful, soft as a kitten, pretty as a picture but with an inner core filled with tenacity and strength.  She was visiting Disney World and thought it would be nice to drop in to say hello.  Isn’t it wonderful that she wanted no more than to see me, check out where I live and bring a beautiful orchid in a pot.  The true strength of friendship is that we haven’t seen each other for three years and yet we were able to chat and take up where we left off.  That is friendship.


And Madonna who helps us with our social media.  We were friends at Leo Burnett many years ago – we called her and she said yes, she would help.  She came to stay and again, we were able to take up where we left off. 

Since living here, in Boca, we have made new friends.  Americans from Florida and Brits who find themselves,  like us,  living in a state or country that is not their own.  The American friends have all been welcoming, offering true gifts of love and friendship by sharing their traditions and learning new ones from us (which mostly involve Secret Santa and Coronation Chicken).   The expat Brits offering tips on how to listen to the Archers here and where to buy mincemeat for the Christmas pie and the best recipes for a Christmas pudding.

David and Peter, Betsy's parents

And so to Charlie who doesn’t always think right BUT is always an amazing friend to both Dom and to me.  Thoughtful and kind and always willing to chat and shoot the breeze. We are visiting him next weekend so stand by for pictures and anecdotes from Barbados.

Love, Lady V xxx

ps. I should also mention friends and family who faithfully bring Maynard's wine gums and chocolate biscuits from Waitrose.  True friendship xx