Dom and Charlie got together a couple of years ago.  The story of their meeting is well documented on this web site but to summarize….  They met at a double a meeting in Barbados..  Two very different people: posh public school boy with a title and Charlie,  millionaire who made it all himself, from the grimy suburbs of Manchester.    

They decided to write Charlie’s extraordinary story whilst out on a boat in the Carribean.  We spent a whole week with him recording on an I-pad. Of course, they changed the names of places to protect family and various treatment centres.    

We all three of us tried our best to find an agent who would take the book and sell it to a publisher but it is a difficult book to categorize and it seems a lot of publishers are looking for the next Harry Potter or Girl on a Train.  They were unwilling to take on a manuscript that is hard to place and take a chance with. 

Do you know though the frightening statistics?  30% of Americans, nearly 1 in 7, have struggled with alcohol abuse, and those figures are for 2015.  And in the UK, 33,000 people die each year from alcohol related problems. 

I believe this book is so helpful for addicts and alcoholics and their friends and families. On another level, it is so well written and rattles along at such a pace that it’s worth a read even if you aren’t an addict or don’t  know one. When Mac tells Charlie that she can’t help him anymore after 8 chances at getting clean it broke my heart and still brings tears to my eyes.

So we self-published. We could not have done it without Madonna Deverson who supported, inspired and guided us through the whole process and Tivy Jones who designed the arresting front cover.

So there you have it,  the story is out there.  People other than our families and friends are reading it and enjoying it.  We did have one review from a John Smith who said Charlie was a nasty man. I fully expect that he was once, but then he never did think right. 

He is not nasty now.  He helps alot of people on the road to recovery and he tries to make amends every day.  

Lady V. 

Charlie and Dom on the high seas with the environmentally friendly cement factory in the background

Charlie and Dom on the high seas with the environmentally friendly cement factory in the background